Turin and Piedmont welcome Giro d'Italia 2021's Grande Partenza
Feb 05 2021 12:35 am CET

Turin and Piedmont welcome Giro d'Italia 2021's Grande Partenza
Turin and Piedmont welcome Giro d'Italia 2021's Grande Partenza
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The Giro d'Italia has presented the three opening stages for the 2021 edition of the race, which is set to start on the eighth of May.

The Italian grand tour has presented the routes of its three opening stages, its Grande Partenza for 2021. The race will honour the 160th anniversary of the Italian unification with three stages in Turin and the Piedmont region, ten years after the last time it happened there.

A nine-kilometre Individual Time Trial will mark the opening of the race on May 8 and it will be over an entirely urban stage. The fight against the clock will start at the Piazza Castello, then following a route along the Po River, passing through Valentino Park before crossing the Po, continues along the Corso Casale and remains straight until it reaches the Gran Madre church at the foot of the Superga hill.

The second stage of the Giro d'Italia 2021 will be over a flat route of 173 kilometres that is suitable for the fast men. The course starts at Stupinigi (Nichelino) and finishes in Novara -town that last hosted a stage finish in 1968, which was won by Eddy Merckx and then took his first Maglia Rosa that day- passing along the way through Santena, the city where Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour (a leading figure in the Italian unification movement) rests.

The last of the opening stages of the race will be 187 kilometres long with a start in Biella and a finish in Canale, and will feature a undulating route that will be suitable for puncheurs. The course will start flat but as the peloton reached the Apennine Mountains, there will be a succession of climbs before finishing with a few short and steep ramps before the finale.

"On the 160th anniversary of the unification of Italy, we could only choose Piedmont and Turin, the first Italian capital, for the Grande Partenza of the Giro's 104th edition," said Paolo Bellino, CEO and General Manager of RCS Sport.

"The race will begin with three stages that will show Piedmont in its entirety, even places that are not usually visited in the story of cycling, because the Giro d'Italia is not only a fantastic sporting event but also a wonderful vehicle for promoting the territories touched by the Corsa Rosa. There is a well-established collaborative relationship with the Piedmont Region, not only with the Corsa Rosa but also with other RCS Sport events in Turin and in the rest of the Region."



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