Greg Van Avermaet looks for a new team for 2021
Aug 07 2020 07:16 pm CET

Greg Van Avermaet looks for a new team for 2021
Greg Van Avermaet looks for a new team for 2021
Photo of Greg Van Avermaet by CCC Team

Greg Van Avermaet has disclosed that he is already looking for a new team to continue his career after the 2020 season.

The Olympic champion has confirmed the rumours that have been going around for weeks about his future. The Belgian doesn't think that there is much left for him at CCC Team, and he is already listening to offers from other teams.

"I have no news yet, but we are working on it," said Van Avermaet to Belgian broadcaster Sporza. "I have given my manager the green light to look at other teams as well. It is no secret that we currently have no options here, so we are looking at other alternatives in detail, so we can work it out."

CCC announced earlier in the year the withdrawal from the sponsorship from the team and now the formation of Jim Ochowicz is looking for other options to keep it alive, being one of them the controversial Manuela Fundacion. "I hope to have a definite answer within a few weeks."

For now, the Olympic champion is focusing on his next objective: Milano-Sanremo. "I've been close a few times, but this is not an easy race to win," he said. "I am confident. The heat can also play in my favour. It's a little less than last week, but it is also a long race. Hopefully I can escape with a small group and then anything can happen."