Giacomo Nizzolo captains NTT Pro Cycling at Vuelta a Burgos
Jul 26 2020 09:19 pm CET

Giacomo Nizzolo captains NTT Pro Cycling at Vuelta a Burgos
Giacomo Nizzolo captains NTT Pro Cycling at Vuelta a Burgos
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Giacomo Nizzolo is set to lead NTT Pro Cycling at the upcoming Vuelta a Burgos, a race that will also see the return to competition of Nic Dlamini.

In the 2019 edition of the race, Nizzolo took a photo-finish win at the first stage, which was followed by a second place on the second day of competition, that allowed him to lead the GC Classification for two days. The rider will start in this year's competition after a successful training camp in Lucca, Italy, and with the confidence given by the victories in races like the Tour Down Under and Paris-Nice.

The Spanish race -which will be one of the first stage-competitions of the new calendar after the Covid-19 pandemic- will also have the return of Dlamini, who will be at the start line of a race for the first time in the year following the arm injury that was caused by a ranger in South Africa. Spanish rider Carlos Barbero will miss the race as he sustained a broken left hand in a crash while training.

"The camp was great; we had a brilliant time, trained very well and I’m really looking forward to Burgos," said Nizzolo. "We’re definitely ready to race again. It was a great week for us last year where I was able to secure victory in the opening stage and from there we were always in contention in the sprint stages, so it was a great feeling.

"This year the approach will be a bit different, as we also look a little further down the line to Milan-Sanremo but of course if I get the chance to score a result then I will always try and go for it."

"I haven’t pinned on a number in about 10 months, if not more, and so I’m very excited and nervous," added Dlamini. "I’ve done all the preparation and I’m feeling really good. I’m really looking forward to the race, to be on the start line and having a number on my back, that’s going to be a lot of fun.

"We’ve got a strong line up and obviously getting a late call up to this race is really cool. Being able to start racing even earlier than originally planned is a good thing for me, as I can get my head into it much quicker and earlier. Burgos is a really nice race, it was actually my very first race as a stagiaire so it’s nice to be heading back."

NTT Pro Cycling's roster for the Vuelta a Burgos (July 28 - August 1)

Giacomo Nizzolo
Ben O'Connor
Louis Meintjes
Max Walscheid
Danilo Wyss
Nic Dlamini
Benjamin Dyball



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