Jip van den Bos extends contract with Boels-Dolmans
Nov 22 2018 09:37 pm CET

Jip van den Bos extends contract with Boels-Dolmans
Jip van den Bos extends contract with Boels-Dolmans
Boels Dolmans Cycling Team

Boels-Dolmans has confirmed the contract extension of Jip van den Bos. The Dutch rider has already been focusing on her 2019 season after an early finish of the current one.

Van den Bos will start her third year at Boels-Dolmans despite being only 22 years of age. "I really enjoy being part of the team and I feel good with the riders and the staff," said the rider.

"After two years, I feel truly at home in this team. I’ve received great support when I was injured and I feel that the team has trust in me. My ambition is to play a bigger role in the finals, so I can support my teammates to the end – but also to play the game until the finish line."

The 2019 season of the rider finished in June when she broke her pelvis at a crash at the OVO Energy Women's Tour. "It was immediately clear that this meant the end of my season," she explained. "Together with the doctors and Danny, I decided not to start pushing myself as quickly as possible, but to really take time to let everything heal. The focus was on the 2019 season straightaway.

"I spent six weeks laying down on the couch and moving around in a wheelchair. After that, I could start rebuilding step by step. Via our team doctor, I was referred to a pelvic specialist at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam and they helped me greatly."

Before the end of 2018, Van den Bos had the chance of taking part in the Tour de Okinawa, a Japanese criterium-style one-day race. "The Tour de Okinawa gave me a goal to train towards, it was really motivating," she affirmed.

"And I also noticed that I came back more motivated than before. I’m much more looking forward to the winter now and of course to start a proper season again next year."



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