Greg Van Avermaet thinks of mountain biking after road career
Oct 10 2018 12:16 am CET

Greg Van Avermaet thinks of mountain biking after road career
Greg Van Avermaet thinks of mountain biking after road career
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Greg Van Avermaet (BMC Racing Team) has started in a mountain bike competition in Belgium over the weekend and there commented that he would like to do more of that discipline later in his career.

The Olympic champion was one of the most famous participants of the alternative Tour of Flanders, a mountain bike race. "I consulted with the team as my season was over, particularly because there was not an ideal program for me," said the rider to Belgian broadcaster Sporza. "I often ride here, but always along the same roads. It is nice to ride on dirt roads and suddenly arrive to the Eikenberg. We also cycle at a slower pace than on a road bike."

Van Avermaet feels attracted to the mountain biking and likes to practice it off-season. "Many riders use mountain bikes, not only for variety but mainly for the technique and it is also good for the condition," the rider commented. "That is why I like very much what Mathieu van der Poel does. I can relate to his words when he says that he thinks road racing alone is boring. It is nice that he can combine several parts of cycling.

"After my career, I also see myself riding mountain bike competitions, but for now road cycling is too important to throw away a couple of years."

The Belgian will now take a rest before the start of the 2019 season with the new CCC Team, a formation that he thinks will try to bring a different kind of riders in the future. "The new team is starting to take shape, it is not only that we're not BMC anymore but we also have a different budget," the rider explained.

"I think we are looking good for the classics and for other races we will have more freedom and will be less at the forefront, which can be in our advantage to go into a breakaway or win a stage. Our budget to attract a rider like (Tom) Dumoulin is not big enough for the time being, but it is our ambition to get a rider like that in the coming years, but that is not yet the case."




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