Marianne Vos to defend title at European Championships
Aug 01 2018 12:25 am CET

Marianne Vos to defend title at European Championships
Marianne Vos to defend title at European Championships
Photo of Marianne Vos by WaowDeals Pro Cycling Team

Marianne Vos (WaowDeals) is set to return to the European Championships of Glasgow to defend her title.

The rider will start as one of the main riders in the Dutch selection at the women's road race. "As always at championships, one can assume that the Dutch team will take the initiative," she said.

"It’s up to us to ensure that we do not miss anything and keep control in the race. This won’t be easy as it is a tough lap, identical to the one of the Commonwealth Games in 2014. There are wide roads with many ups and downs. The rain might make it even harder. The stronger riders will surface on this selective course."

Vos wants to keep wearing the stars on her uniform for the next season. "The European championship for elite only has had a short existence, but it quickly made a name for itself," explained the rider. "It’s a prestigious prize which you like to take home.

"I feel good which is a prerequisite if you want to set a nice result. During the Commonwealth Games, Lizzie Deignan and Geraint Thomas both won solo here. This says plenty about the challenge we will be facing. I’m hoping for a scenario in which I can play an important role. It is important for the Dutch team that a Dutch rider wins."



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