Oliver Naesen to lead AG2R La Mondiale in Dwars Door Vlaanderen
Mar 27 2018 02:55 am CET

Oliver Naesen to lead AG2R La Mondiale in Dwars Door Vlaanderen
Oliver Naesen to lead AG2R La Mondiale in Dwars Door Vlaanderen
Photo of Oliver Naesen © Mary Cárdenas / CyclingPub.com

AG2R La Mondiale hits Dwars Door Vlaanderen led by a very motivated Oliver Naesen who will be trying to change his luck in the Belgian classics.

The French team has complete confidence in the form and the talents of Naesen in the classics. "The record for our first Flemish classics this season is pretty good with a very strong group, which vigorously follows through with the race strategy," said Sports Director Julien Jurdie. "Our main regret rests with the fact that Oliver Naesen continues to have some bad luck, and has yet to get through a race without some sort of glitch or mishap.

"He crashed at E3, he was blocked in the sprint for Ghent-Wevelgem. We hope that this situation will be reversed and that the success reflects the quality of his form since he certainly has the legs to get on the podium."

Naesen will be joined by Romain Bardet, who is keen to face the race for the first time. "This time, Romain Bardet will also be discovering Flanders," commented Jurdie. "For him, there are three goals. First of all, Romain is in love with cycling culture. So for him, it will be important to immerse himself in the feelings and emotions of Flanders.

"Secondly, it will give him a serious life-sized test before he faces the cobbles in the next Tour de France. And Finally, he is happy to come and work for his friend Oliver Naesen, who has been such valuable support to him throughout the season."

Complete roster of AG2R La Mondiale for Dwars Door Vlaanderen (28th of March):

Nico Denz
Rudy Barbier
Tiny Gallopin
Oliver Naesen
Romain Bardet
Gediminas Bagdonas
Stijn Vandenbergh



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