Financial problems could lead to the end of Astana
Feb 23 2018 11:42 pm CET

Financial problems could lead to the end of Astana
Financial problems could lead to the end of Astana
Photo of Astana Pro Team's 2018 kit by Roberto Bettini/BettiniPhoto

Astana's General Manager Alexander Vinokourov has stated in an interview that the team is going through serious economic problems.

Vinokourov commented in an interview with Kazakh website that the team hasn't received any funding this year and they are currently using their existing savings. "The season has already started, we have been through training camps, we have participated in competitions, but we have not received any financing for this year," said Astana's General Manager.

"We go to races using savings and the guys are not getting their salaries. The situation is simply critical."

Vinokourov said that nobody in the team has received any money and that this can even lead to the complete disappearance of the squad. "There are 30 riders who have signed contracts and we have obligations towards them. There are more than 50 people in the team's staff including coaches, doctors, masseurs, mechanics and so on," the former rider explained.

"To that add the flights, accommodation for races, logistics - all those costs are urgent and any postponement of funding will simply stop the team from working ahead of the most important parts of the season. All this will inevitably lead to the closure of the project after 13 years."



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