Vincenzo Nibali ready to continue season as planned
Jan 22 2018 06:01 pm CET

Vincenzo Nibali ready to continue season as planned
Vincenzo Nibali ready to continue season as planned
Photo of Vincenzo Nibali by Jonathan Roorda /

Bahrain-Merida's Vincenzo Nibali will continue his season as planned after withdrawing from the Vuelta a San Juan due to a stomach virus.

Just before the start of the first stage at the Argentinean race, it was announced that Nibali was not participating due to fever, vomiting and diarrhoea. "I also had a big muscular heaviness, I couldn't do anything," said the rider to Italian newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport.

The rider commented that the sickness hit him in a bad moment because at another time it would have been different. "The bad luck was that it was just before the start," he explained. "If it would have been in the middle of the stage, I would have finished it, even if it was with a lot of suffering."

Nibali said that his sickness was due to something he ingested in Argentina but that the recovery time is fast. "I possibly ate something that affected me," he commented. "It normally lasts around a day."

He also added that he will retake his training soon to prepare for the Tour of Oman, the next appointment on his calendar.



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