Australian Police has words with Team Sky
Jan 10 2018 01:53 pm CET

Australian Police has words with Team Sky
Australian Police has words with Team Sky
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Riders of Team Sky were stopped by the Adelaide Police after breaking some rules on road safety in the city.

The Police in the Australian city wants to raise awareness on road safety taking advantage of the popularity of cycling these days due to the upcoming Tour Down Under. But Team Sky wasn't expecting to be part of this road education.

Australian Channel 7 news reported that the British squad was stopped by the police and lectured about behavior in traffic after they were witnessed misbehaving on the road. "The riders allegedly failed to give way at a pedestrian crossing and went through a red light... That sort of thing," said a spokesman of the Adelaide Police to the channel.

The news report also showed an unidentified rider being towed by a car on a climb in the surrounding areas while the women that recorded it complained about the safety of those actions in a normal traffic situation.

The police released a statement about the operation to raise awareness among cyclists. "Operation Safe Cycling is focused on the two-wheeled community – both in terms of ensuring they know and obey the laws, but also to protect them from other motorists who need to take care around bike riders," it reads.

"We can, and will, enforce the law, but I would plead for all road users to show some basic courtesy and share the roads."



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