Luis Angel Mate: I am convinced next year will be a great year for Cofidis
Oct 27 2017 02:34 am CET

Luis Angel Mate: I am convinced next year will be a great year for Cofidis

Cofidis' Luis Angel Mate is set to start his eighth season at Cofidis with the belief that it is going to be a good season for him and the squad.

The Spaniard has extended his contract with the French formation for another two years and he is prepared to make them count. "These will be two seasons in an interesting project with a team that will change a lot," he said to Spanish website EsCiclismo.

"The next two years will be very important to me and I hope to become more mature, to keep growing and develop a better version of myself. I think I can still grow in many aspects and I will keep working on that."

Mate is also happy to have two new Spaniards join the team, in a move that he thinks will be good for everybody. "This is a very good opportunity for Jesus and Jose (Herrada). They are two great riders and they will have people working for them," he explained. "They will be a great reinforcement for the team and that will make us grow.

"We are very happy to continue making steps with them. I am convinced next year will be a great year, Cofidis has made great signings and I am delighted with their arrival."

Despite having few victories in the WorldTour calendar in 2017, the Spaniard believes it was a good season that left a lot of lessons. "This year we had a lot of big objectives with Nacer (Bouhanni), particularly trying to get that stage in the Tour de France that we want so much," he commented. "After the very hard crash he had in Yorkshire, he took a lot of time to recover and he couldn't come back to the level he had just before.

"Maybe because of that, we didn't get the numbers of other years. But I think the team has been working well and we have a group that has been capable of doing a lot of things in racing: In the Tour, we pulled to control, we have launched sprints, we were seen in the mountains at the Vuelta and we have many youngsters that keep growing. I'm an optimist and I think the final balance looks good ahead of next year."
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