Jess Allen continues at Orica-Scott for 2018 season
Oct 09 2017 12:00 pm CET

Jess Allen continues at Orica-Scott for 2018 season
Jess Allen continues at Orica-Scott for 2018 season
Photo of the Orica-SCOTT jersey by Orica-SCOTT

Orica-Scott has confirmed the contract extension of Jess Allen. The Australian arrived at the team in 2016 and will continue for the 2018 season.

The former Oceania Champion has shown her talents in the team by being a supportive and selfless rider during her first complete season in 2017. "I am really excited to be signing with Orica-Scott for 2018," she said. "The last year and a half with the team has been my most enjoyable time on and off the bike.

"When I am happy I train and race really well so Orica-Scott has been the perfect team for me. Everyone in the team stepped up this year and it was really special to be a part of that and I can't wait to see our progression again next year."

The current Australian Criterium champion is one of the younger riders in the team and she has had the opportunity of working with the most experienced riders to continue her development. "I am surrounded by great role models in this team who I've learnt a lot from this year," she explained. "It’s very important for me to keep surrounding myself with teammates like this as I continue to develop.

"My coach Gene Bates has been brilliant to work with the last year. This year, we aimed to hit January in good form and continue that into the classics and we will do similar again next year."

Allen will continue to focus on the Australian summer season and the spring classics. "The Belgium classics are races that I want to be winning in the future so I will be aiming to hit those strongly and try to get to the pointy end as much as possible to help our leaders," the rider commented. "I'm really excited to see what we can do after a great season this year."

"Having Jess in our team for 2018 really gives us a great X-factor," affirmed sports director Gene Bates. "Jess is still progressing and developing each season and this year throughout the Australian summer and the Spring Classics, she was one of our most reliable and selfless riders.

"Jess will focus on several areas in 2018 but will start the year off targeting the Australian summer of racing. We are very excited to see where she can progress to next season."