Former rider Luis Herrera suffers from skin cancer
Sep 25 2017 11:51 am CET

Former rider Luis Herrera suffers from skin cancer
Former rider Luis Herrera suffers from skin cancer
Photo of Luis Herrera in Testigo Directo

Former rider Luis Herrera has disclosed that he is suffering from skin cancer. The Colombian revealed his health issues in the television show 'Testigo Directo'.

The winner of the 1987 Vuelta a España said that the form of cancer he suffers from, is product of the long hours of training and riding under the sun without any kind of protection.

The rider, who is known in Colombia as 'Lucho' Herrera, explained that he started having "strange" spots on the arms and hands. "On the forearm I got a big spot that was not normal. Then I went to the dermatologist when those spots started appearing on the rest of the arms and the face. The doctor then did a biopsy that was positive for skin cancer," he commented in the show.

"He had a basal-cell carcinoma, and he had another lesion to the arm. He already had invasive types of cancer. He must now follow a treatment because due to the chronic solar damage he suffered, he is likely to develop new lesions. Often we do cryotherapy sessions to burn the spots," said dermatologist Andres Luque, who is treating the rider.

Herrera commented that he started worrying when the spots started getting bigger on the arms and he developed "zits" on the hands, that after getting removed tended to come back.

The rider confesses that he never worried too much about taking care of his skin when he was a rider, but now wants to raise the awareness of colleagues and other people that spend too much time under the sun. "If you don't take care of yourself, nobody else will," he added.



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