Benoit Cosnefroy is the Under 23 world champion
Sep 22 2017 06:09 pm CET

Benoit Cosnefroy is the Under 23 world champion
Benoit Cosnefroy is the Under 23 world champion
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Frenchman Benoit Cosnefroy has won the Under 23 Road Race World Championships. The rider was part of a late escape and crossed the finish line ahead of his companion Lennard Kämna.

The day's race was 191 kilometres long in Bergen, passing through some spectacular landscapes of the Norwegian city and its surroundings.

Early in the race an escape of eleven riders was formed and reached a gap of almost two minutes with the peloton. Riders like Oka Atsushi, Masaki Yamamoto, Gustavm Hoog, Zemenfes Selemun and Janos Pelikan took the lead and were caught with around 30 kilometres to go.

At around 15 kilometres to go, Frenchman Ben Thomas took the lead, but was soon caught by a group of riders of several countries like Colombia and Uruguay. Behind them, defending champion Kristoffer Halvorsen struggled to stay with the peloton.

With a little more than ten kilometres to go, German Lennard Kämna went solo and applied his time-trial talents to keep a good pace ahead of the others. At six kilometres from the finish line, Frenchman Benoit Cosnefroy bridged to the front and behind the duo, Colombian Wilmar Paredes also tried to catch them.

Spaniard Ivan Garcia Cortina also made a move with three kilometres to go to try to close the gap with the two men in front. The two leaders kept a high pace however and managed to stay ahead.

The peloton got very close to the riders during the last kilometres but the duo could keep the gap. At the last metres, Cosnefroy proved to have the better legs of the two and took the crown as the new Under 23 World Champion. He was closely followed by Kämna and Danish rider Michael Svendgaard got the bronze.



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