Odd Christian Eiking: This is the most shocking thing I've ever experienced
Sep 11 2017 11:34 pm CET

Odd Christian Eiking: This is the most shocking thing I've ever experienced

Norwegian rider Odd Christian Eiking is shocked about FDJ's decision to throw him out of the Vuelta a España ahead of the last stage on Sunday.

The decision to retire the rider from the race was made shortly before the start of the stage and came as a complete surprise to Eiking, who according to the team had demonstrated inappropriate behaviour.

"I was out and took two beers," the Scandinavian told Norwegian broadcaster TV2. The team management had no good ground to do this. I have no contract with FDJ next year. If I had a contract, I would not have been thrown out.

"I was out with my Swedish teammate Tobias Ludvigsson and several others. We took a couple of beers in a bar after having eaten dinner and drinking some wine with the team. I wasn't exactly in bed at eleven, to say it like that, but it wasn't very late either.

"It's the most shocking thing I've experienced in my whole life," the 22-year-old continued. "In my mind, this was something that thousands have done before me. I think this is the result of several things. There had also been other disciplinary issues lately, and I think they used this opportunity to set an example.

"In addition, I've been balancing on a thin line at FDJ lately."

Team boss Marc Madiot clearly disagreed with the rider's view on things. "If there were only two beers, he would not have been drunk in the morning," he told the Aftenposten newspaper.
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