Tom Dumoulin not pleased with Dutch national champion's jersey
Aug 09 2017 01:43 pm CET

Tom Dumoulin not pleased with Dutch national champion's jersey

Tom Dumoulin of Team Subweb is not particularly happy with the national champion's jersey he has been provided by the team after winning the Dutch Time Trial Championship.

The design of the jersey had already become a topic of debate when road race winner Ramon Sinkeldam presented it, showing a Dutch flag across the torso rather than the traditional full red-white-blue design.

Dumoulin has since been told that he will use the same design, despite having worn the more traditional type since winning the 2016 championship.

"I ride the Dutch championship to be able to wear the red-white-blue jersey. I don't agree with what I'm wearing now. I do understand the arguments of Iwan (Spekenbrink, team manager) but I understand my own arguments better," the Giro d'Italia champion said.

Dumoulin added that if he manages to win the World Time Trial Championship in Bergen, Norway, he will get a traditional jersey. "Iwan guaranteed that that jersey will remain in its original state," he said.

Sinkeldam has solved his problem by making a move from Sunweb to FDJ at the start of the 2018 season. Considering the jersey of FDJ's French champion Arnaud Demare, it is very likely that Sinkeldam will be given a more traditional design as well.
Photo of Tom Dumoulin ©Team Sunweb



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