Rio 2016: Great Britain wins Women's Team Pursuit
Aug 13 2016 10:49 pm CET

Rio 2016: Great Britain wins Women's Team Pursuit
Rio 2016: Great Britain wins Women's Team Pursuit

Great Britain continue its dominance at the Rio 2016 Track Cycling events, beating the United States at the Women's Team Pursuit to secure its third Gold Medal.

The British riders had already set a World Record of 4:13.260 in qualifying and as such advanced along with the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, China, Italy and Poland, in that order. Germany failed to qualify.

In the First Round, Great Britain once again broke their World Record by setting a time of 4:12.152 and beating Canada who advanced to the Bronze Medal race.

The United States defeated Australia to qualify for the Gold Medal final while New Zealand's time in the heat versus Poland (disqualified) handed them a spot in the Bronze Medal race.

Bronze went to Canada after beating New Zealand by almost four seconds.

In the final, the USA had the quicker start but the British soon restored the balance and were faster than their rivals with two kilometer to go. At the finish, the gap was 2.2 seconds in Great Britain's favour. The winners once again broke their World Record, setting a time of 4:10.236.

As such, the British team with Katie Archibald, Laura Trott, Elinor Barker and Joanna Rowsell-Shand repeats its 2012 victory over the United States to once again take home the Gold medal.

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